“I’m an orphan whose father and mother died in a car accident when I was 15 years old. I live with my aunt who is a Christian. I listen to your programs with her, and they have helped me learn about God’s love for me. I hated God for not protecting my parents. Now I have accepted Christ into my life and the hatred has disappeared. I will be baptized in December, at 18 years of age. Thank you very much for your teachings on the Word of God.”

-N.C.   City of Lubango, Angola



“I am a farmer who lives far away from the city. Last year, young people from the Baptist church came to our farm, told us about the Gospel; and left a radio, a Bible, and the frequency of the New Alliance radio station. Since then, my family and I have tuned to this station. We really like the messages from Pastor Isac because they encouraged us to look to, and wait on God during the most difficult times in our family’s lives. We don’t have a church near us, but New Alliance Radio has been our church. I send greetings to Pastor Isac and the whole team at the station.”

-M.C.A    Brazil


“The series of messages about “God and the Family” helped me in my decision to reconcile with my wife. What touched me the most was when Pastor Isac said that “Everything passes in this world, even our friendships. The ones who will take care of us at the end of our lives are God and our family. Take good care of your spouse and children”. This statement was like a knife piercing through my heart. I feel so ashamed for everything I did. Please pray that nothing will separate us again.”

-G.F    City of Luanda, Angola



“I was about to divorce my wife but my neighbor, who is a believer, invited me to his house to listen to the Yeva Ondaka program. We listened to the program in his bedroom, because I didn’t want anyone to know that I was listening to Christian programs. After 4 days, I invited my wife to come and listen with me. Two weeks later, we gave our lives to Jesus Christ. The desire to divorce was gone. We went to my neighbor’s church, and are now enjoying the counseling we receive from the Pastor; and we’re surrounded by loving church members. Please do not stop this program because there are many couples in this country with the same problem, who do not know where to get help.”

-G.U.    City of Bie, Angola


“I really liked when Ms. Helena spoke about the role of a woman in society, giving examples of women in the Bible. The example of Esther’s courage gave me the courage to help my family and the needy in my city. There are a lot of people here who are forgotten, rejected and even hated by society. I would love to meet Ms. Helena.”

-M.H.F    Padre Miguel, Brazil


“I’m writing to say that the message that touched me the most, to the point of provoking change in my life, is the one entitled “Volcano of mud”, based on Isaiah 57:20-21. My heart and mouth were like a volcano of mud. I spewed out many frivolous, mud filled words that hurt my husband and children. I was a rebellious woman with no joy. God used Pastor Isac to show me the way I was treating my family and neighbors was wrong. I cried a lot and asked for forgiveness first from God, and then from my family. My marriage was hanging by a thread. I was surprised by the way my family listened and forgave me. To cut a long story short, we looked for a church, and true happiness that comes from God, and does not depend on material things, is gradually taking over my home. I am grateful for your work, and never cease to share with other women what God did in my life and in my family.”

-Fatima    City of Luanda, Angola


“Ms. Helena’s message entitled “Rahab, a woman of faith”, was the one that touched me the most spiritually. I learned that if God used a prostitute to do good, He can use me as well. I decided to straighten out my life with God. Now, I’m attending church and regret not having done this sooner. My life has changed. I’m grateful to God and thankful for your station. I wish all of you much peace in your work.”

-C.N.G    Jequitinhonha, Brazil