About Us

Founded in August 2016, Seed of the Sower Ministries is a non-profit organization that strives to bring spiritual truths and biblical guidance through messages and devotional programs. Our mission to Preach Truth, Give Hope, and Meet Needs, is carried out by the programs we produce, and the outreach projects we support.




Seed of the Sower Ministries currently produces three radio programs: Yeva Ondaka in the African dialect of Umbundu; Character First in Portuguese; and a women’s devotional radio segment in Portuguese. These programs are primarily broadcasted by local and privately-owned radio stations in the nations of Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Portugal, Cape Verde, and the island of São Tomé and Príncipe. Based on biblical principles, and combined with practical teaching, these programs have brought many to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and have deepened the spiritual walk of numerous others.

The ministry began from the vision of co-founders Isac and Helena Silvano, who had a desire to continue ministering to the nations of the world beyond their lifetime. In ministry for over forty years, the couple was faced with an important decision when retirement from their ministry post in Swaziland, Africa, drew near. At that time, Isac had been producing the Yeva Ondaka program since 1975, and he felt that he should continue to do so even after retirement. When the couple moved to the United States after officially retiring, Isac set up a small studio in their home and continued to produce and record the Yeva Ondaka programs. Invitations to develop and produce the Character First program for Isac, and the women’s devotional for Helena, soon followed. As their programs began to grow in audience base, popularity, and broadcasting reach, the couple was faced with another important decision. Their ministry efforts could either cease with them, or somehow continue to move forward in their absence. They decided to plan for the future and began taking steps to form an organization that could utilize their archives of programs in audio and written form; and continue with their outreach ministries by building upon partnerships they had established over the years. The organization soon became an official non-profit entity, and Seed of the Sower Ministries was born.