Yeva Ondaka

Yeva Ondaka is the first and oldest program that is produced by ministry co-founder Isac Silvano. This fifteen-minute program in the Umbundu language, was originally started by a Swiss missionary in the early 70s, in a rural area of Angola; where there was great spiritual need and the only way to reach the people was through radio. The missionary built a recording studio and trained Angolan pastors to produce programs for the people. When war began in 1975 and the programs were suspended, the Swiss Mission began to search for a way to produce and air the programs from outside Angola. It was then that Isac was asked to begin producing the program from Brazil, and later moved to Swaziland to produce them from there. Today, the program is produced from a studio in the United States, and is sent to Angola to be broadcast by different radio stations. It is estimated that thousands listen to Yeva Ondaka daily; and listeners range from soldiers and officials, to families in cities and rural communities.

Character First

Character First is a Portuguese program that is produced and recorded in the United States, and then sent to different countries for broadcasting. Created in May of 2011, the program is the result of a desire that local church leaders in Angola had, to address the lasting impact of the communist system on the character of the local population. The radio program was then developed by ministry co-founder Isac Silvano, to provide teachings to help build character and spiritual values. The messages have been extremely effective, and many leaders record the program and send them to various communities to listen to when they gather. The different themes and subjects covered on this program, and on Yeva Ondaka, have also become a source of study for numerous leaders who don’t have access to Bible schools or printed material. Currently, the program is aired by radio stations in Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe; and through an internet link by a station in Portugal. Scripts from the program are also posted on the website of the Council of Christian Churches in Angola.

Devotional for women

The women’s devotional is produced and recorded by ministry co-founder, Helena Silvano. These devotionals are aired in the Portuguese language and run for approximately fifteen minutes. Although they are produced and recorded in the United States, the devotionals are broadcasted by local and privately-owned radio stations in Angola and Brazil, and have been on the air since early 2015. The idea for this program originated with several church leaders in Angola, who asked Helena to start producing a short devotional program for women that they could include as part of an already existing radio segment. The leaders felt that there was a need for a program that would address, from a Biblical prospective, the challenges and issues that women in the community were facing. Their perceptions proved accurate as the program was well received by listeners, and is greatly appreciated for its Bible study format. Although geared towards women, the devotionals have a broad audience that includes both males and females of various demographics. 

“I planted…but god gave the increase”