Seed of the Sower Ministries strongly believes in not just providing biblical truths through our programs, but putting them in action through our outreach efforts. While opportunities to minister in practical ways are endless, the ministry primarily focuses on partnering with the humanitarian efforts of organizations, churches, and other ministries where our programs are aired. 

We support a ministry that teaches embroidery and sewing to young girls and boys; who in turn exhibit and sell some of their work at local craft fairs in Angola. Their handiwork includes bread bags (sacos de pão), baby clothes and household decorations; and all proceeds help cover tuition, books, and school supplies for the needy children. Due to the high cost and scarcity of embroidery and sewing materials in Angola, the ministry depends solely on donations to meet their annual needs; and we partner with them by providing fabric, needles, and thread. 


The Talented Students


Baby Shoes


   Bread Bags