Seed of the Sower


Seed of the Sower Ministries strongly believes in not just providing biblical truths through our programs but putting them in action through our outreach efforts. While opportunities to minister in practical ways are endless, the ministry primarily focuses on partnering with the humanitarian efforts of organizations, churches, and other ministries where our programs are aired.

We currently partner with ministries that are providing education and meals to needy children, and organized food drives for communities in remote areas.

Our partners in Brazil deliver food baskets (or cestas básicas) with items such as rice, beans, and pasta to residents in a rural town. Part of this outreach also includes proving meals to local children who do not benefit from the distribution of these items. We donate towards the expense of filling these baskets as well as help cover the costs of the meals for the children.


Our partners in the island of São Tomé and Príncipe have an elementary school in an impoverished mountain community. In addition to educating the local children, they also provide a hot meal for each student regularly, and for their parents on special school occasions. Seed of the Sower finances the monthly cost of these meals as well as provides periodic donations for the school.