Seed of the Sower



“I would like to thank everybody that works at this station because your programs have transformed my life. I used to be ashamed to listen to programs that had the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. I thought that church was for uneducated people, or people who don’t succeed professionally, and seek to drown their frustrations in religion and in church. After listening to Pastor Isac’s message entitled “What is Your Life?”, the Holy Spirit showed me that I was a proud sinner, and that I needed to make things right with God while there was still time. Now, besides being a regular listener, I am also a Christian and lover of the word of God.”

P.A.G.   City of Huambo, Angola


“I’ve been your listener for some time now. I am advanced in age and live with my daughter. We really like listening to the messages preached by Pastor Isac. It’s wonderful to be able to listen to the Word of God every night. Here in the city where I live, I have been telling my neighbors about the program and some say they like it, while others say they don’t listen to it. But we are all very happy for the opportunity of having this program on the air. May God bless all of you.”

Emília S.    Lagos, Portugal


“My father passed away last year, and I live with my mother who is a Christian. Since she wanted to see me convert to Christianity, she forced me to listen to your station with her. I started listening against my will, but now I like it a lot. While listening to Pr. Isac’s message about “The Love of God,” I told my mother that I would give my heart to Jesus. I asked for forgiveness for the wrongs I committed against my mother. I asked many questions, and she always answers with Bible verses. I was amazed at how well she knows the Bible. So, I decided to buy a Bible and start attending church with my mother. Our relationship has improved a lot. We continue to listen to Pr. Isac’s messages because they are short and objective. I thank God for the mother I have and for all the people who work at this station. May you be strengthened in your task because the young people in this country need this program.”

Paulo Q.    Maputo, Mozambique


“I am a 30-year-old police officer. I had no fear of God and trusted in my position too much. I made many mistakes without any remorse, but at night when I would return home, I had no peace in my heart and could not sleep well. My wife suggested I listen to your program with her every night when I wasn’t on duty. It was in March that I heard the message entitle ‘Spiritual Renewal’, based on Psalm 51. Pastor Isac ended the message by saying that if king David confessed his sin to God and was forgiven, you can also confess your sins to receive forgiveness, salvation, and peace of mind. My life changed from that night on. During this time of quarantine, my wife visits the families in our neighborhood to encourage them to listen to this program.”

S.J.    City of Huambo, Angola


“I listened to the message about Priscilla and Aquila in the Bible and started thinking about how this couple loved each other and served God, the Apostle Paul, and their community. I pondered on what I needed to do for my husband and I to have the same kind of love and commitment to serve God and our fellow neighbor; like Ms. Helena said in her message. The struggle to make a living and the routine of life here in Maputo makes it so our home becomes just a place for evening meals and sleep, because my husband and I both work. I was stirred to talk to my husband so we could make some changes because I want us to be a modern-day Priscilla and Aquila!”

R.A.M.    Maputo, Mozambique

“I have been following this program every Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is very good and extremely important for our country because it declares the Word of the Lord. Everyone has the opportunity to hear about the love of God, whether they are at home or away. All are reached with the preaching of the gospel. The message that touched my heart the most was “Spit on the face of Jesus”, based on Matthew 26. I understood how Jesus suffered because of my sins and the sins of mankind. I also understood that we were lost, hell bound, and Jesus saved us from our sins. Therefore, I want to love God more and serve with gratitude for what Jesus did for me on the cross. This program must continue because it has been a blessing to our country, with tremendous impact. Many people have been talking about the significance and benefits of this program.”

Abílio P.    São Tomé and Príncipe


“I listen to your program from a penitentiary facility. The word of God preached on your program moved my heart to repentance. I’ve already asked God for forgiveness for all the sins I committed that led me to this prison. I ask for prayers for spiritual strength, sound judgment, and deliverance, for I am now a new creature. I am free even though I’m still in jail.”